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U.S. scientists have invented a new heavy-ion mass spectrometer
2013-05-15 13:12:49
Recently, the director of the Center of Sciences of the United States at Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry, molecular analysis Mark Bier, the invention of a unique heavy-ion mass spectrometer, it is of biological macromolecules, such as protein molecules, protein complexes, virus particlesand DNA molecules with high sensitivity, it can be used for the analysis of synthetic polymers in nanotechnology. Bier has received a subsidy of $ 50 40000 160 of the National Natural Science Foundation of biological instrument development program.
    Mass spectrometers are widely used in the determination of small molecules or molecular fragments, quality, structure and material amount. The mass spectrometer generally consists of three parts: ion source for analysis of samples to bring the charge can be separated from the signal detector of charged particles of different charge-mass ratio of charged particles of the mass analyzer and can record. The final result of the mass spectrometer is able to give the mass spectrum of the different components in the sample. Bier invented the mass spectrometer allows scientists to within a few seconds of time on direct measurement of a complete protein molecule or protein complexes. The innovation is that he gave before the mass spectrometer attached to a low temperature with a linear ion trap detector. Linear ion trap faster than previous ion trap speed of response and higher sensitivity. Cryogenic detector technology was first particle physicists have invented and used for mass spectrometric analysis.
It is reported that Bier, the next step is development to the repeated use of a more detailed method of measuring the separation of large complexes of the viral nucleoprotein particles.
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